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Who is a Good Leader? What are the qualities of a good leader? Is it a person’s title/position, money or power – which helps you decide?

Let me tell you what I think and I believe most people might agree.

  • Its Visibility; visibility as a leader within your organization. Leaders connect with people and they inspire people.
  • It’s Responsibility, responsibility towards your people and responsibility to meet needs and solve problems.

The above are only a couple of base points where you can narrow down your search for a good leader. But let me assure you that these two points are not enough . While leader is a very broad word to be limited with numbers/bullets, I tried to extract few major qualities of a leader, from Radhakrisha Pillai’s best selling book “Corporate Chanakya – Success Management the Chanakya way“.

As I mentioned above, there will be enormous number of qualities a leader can have to be a good leader. But we are listing only 10 here and help you decide if any person in your personal or professional life is an example of a good leader.

Always seek knowledge

A good leader is always hungry for knowledge as the person who believes to be full with knowledge and does not seek more is a failure. The more you ask the better you position yourself for success. You add value to discussions with appropriate knowledge about trends and you can refine your knowledge furthermore by asking the right questions. On top of that – you need to share your knowledge with others. As Chanakya mentioned “He who gives up shyness in monetary dealings, in acquiring knowledge, in eating and in business, becomes happy”.

Understand the Needs

A good leader understand the needs of its people and of the market and the industry. If you are pushing something which is not required by the people or the organization, it will be slowly discarded. While it is really important for a good leader to understand the needs, a leader must need to differentiate between need and greed, as the later could put adverse effect where people start questioning you for greedy demands.

Be flexible yet be disciplined

While working with people in an organization, the good leader will always have to be flexible and accommodate to their needs whenever needed. At the same time, the leader needs to be a good disciplinarian to ensure that the base protocol, policies and ethics are remained intact. The leader is appointed to ensure that the organization’s goals and priorities are not disturbed and the organization is moving in the right direction to achieve its mission.

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