Hello everyone. We welcome you to a new interview and this time with us is Justas Markus, who is a passionate blogger and entrepreneur, who have founded ideas like Refe, JustnTom.com and growing organic way. Below are his quick answers on our questions and these are certainly useful for an aspiring entrepreneur.

  1. Hello, Justas. Please share a little brief about yourself to our readers.

Hey, first of all, thanks for having me. My name is Justas Markus I’m a blogger and a CEO/co-founder of content marketing agency Justntom.com (soon to be Getfoundxl.com). We are working on rebranding now.

  1. You started your entrepreneurial journey by co-founding Refe (a stock photos marketplace). How did this idea come up?

Yes, before starting a Refe, I was a freelance blogger, I wrote around 50-80 articles per month for many blogs and websites. And at one point of my freelancing career, it became tough to find good looking free images. And all of these stock photos on many websites was awful. This is how I came with an idea to create royalty-free, high-quality, natural looking photo website – Refe.

  1. How did you build up an entrepreneurial spirit? Did you inherit the trait from family or it started with you?

The main idea was to work on my own, I started as a freelancer and then decided to try my own business. I think everything started with a goal to be independent.

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  1. You are currently the co-Founder and CEO of Just&Tom, which is a content marketing agency. Before that, you were associated with startups, where you positioned yourself into Sales & Marketing. Wanted to know, what drives you towards marketing?

I always was that “sales guy.” I was confused on sales, numbers and similar stuff all my life. So that’s why I decided to focus on marketing and keep improving my skills to get better results.

  1. What advice will you give to aspiring entrepreneurs about sales and marketing? At what stage, an entrepreneur should start investing money into marketing and how they shall steer the marketing boat?

There is no perfect time, as soon you start investing in marketing faster you will get results. In the beginning, it’s going to be hard, but after some time you will enjoy that instability and challenges.

  1. Which route will you advise to grow to our aspiring entrepreneurs – get funding or build organically? What are the upsides and downsides you see in both the cases?

I would prefer organically. It might take longer, but at the end, you will be happy with yourself. Also, it depends. If it’s possible to get money and do everything X10 so why not to do that?

  1. Apart from being an entrepreneur, you have been writing about entrepreneurship for popular websites like Observer, TheNextWeb and Born2Invest. What do you believe is the true spirit of entrepreneurship?

Passion and hustling. The “true spirit” is when people love what they are doing and changing the world. Making it a better place to live.

  1. One of the critical aspects of every startup is its leadership team. Would like to know how an entrepreneur will build the second-level leadership team and what are the criteria to follow. On top of that – how challenging it is to create the next-line of leadership belt.

 Just join people you like, and you can trust. Don’t look only at the skills and experience. Skills can be learned, and experience comes at the time. It’s better to work with people you’re having fun, and there are no problems. I follow these simple rules when I’m looking for new team members.

  1. What is the usual mind set you carry as a mantra to be successful? How do you make your day productive?

I try to plan every day in the morning and focus on primary tasks first, and then move on with simple tasks. This method allows me to be productive during the day.

  1. Staying organized makes your life simpler. How do you keep yourself organized? Any tools you want to refer to our readers.

The best tools:

Google Docs.

Last words:

Starting a venture is easy, but surviving is difficult. Will request a generic answer from you, for all those people who are planning to start something new – on how to hang in there and make it a success?

You just need to understand that it might take 1- 5 years to succeed. If you will be patient everything is possible!