Note: This article could be little discouraging to people with high amount of sensitivity. We advise them not to go ahead and read this, as it might hurt their feelings. Above all many will certainly disagree with the views as well. We will be glad to listen to their comments & views. The article does not contain any abusive words and only shares insight from personal experiences with entrepreneurs.

The world is in a confusing state and so do many of the people living inside it. Scientifically forward and religiously backward. How is this catch-phrase relevant to this post? I don’t know, you figure it out. Current day entrepreneur is confused with loads of inputs and a small stomach to digest. I am here today with 5 bizarre points which most of the entrepreneurs do and should stop doing it.

Stop calling yourself an Entrepreneur

What I really don’t understand is why many of the startup founders/co-founders take pride of calling themselves entrepreneurs. What is the advantage to your startup or business, by calling yourself an entrepreneur? Does it make your startup successful? Does it make people listen to you?

Have you heard Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Warren Buffett or Larry Page calling themselves entrepreneurs anytime? They have been working out ways to solve problems and sustain as a business. I will advise, to all those who keep bragging themselves as entrepreneurs for no reason, to refrain yourself from using this word on yourself and rather allow people to describe you as an entrepreneur. Stop naming yourself any fancy names and concentrate on your product or how you can solve problems. Names and designations are best suited when you know how to utilize them to drive your business ahead.

Stop ignoring a soothsayer

A soothsayer is a person who is able to foresee the future and be truthful about it, even if the truth is harsh or uncomforting. I first heard this word from the movie “Kung Fu Panda 2” where Lord Shen has his old soothsayer beside, always warning about future consequences. For every person (whether entrepreneur or not), there is always a soothsayer who louds on what could go wrong for taking certain steps. Sometimes some of the founders ignore what the soothsayer is saying and proceed to fail badly. There is nothing wrong in failing, but in business it is kind of stupid when you fail knowingly. Thomas Edison didn’t fail 1000 times knowingly and neither does any successful entrepreneurs nor they are going advise you to do so unless failing takes you forward. Consider the words of a soothsayer as a negative test-case for your steps.

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Stop searching for inspiring words

If you are truly an entrepreneur, you and only you are the source of your motivation. You do not seek any inspiring words to stay motivated. Now the day, you start searching for inspiring words, you should realize that you lost it. Now let me clarify here, getting inspired with words and with actions are totally different scenarios. Have you attended any conference where you listen to a successful personality giving inspiring speech? Now do you truly believe, listening to the inspiring speech you got motivated and went on to be successful? Inspiring words gives you direction, not motivation. From now – stop listening to inspirational videos and following motivational quotes to stay motivated. Stay motivated by actions not words.

Stop being a smiley Diplomat

Watch out for the following dangerous traits and break the curse before these traits overshadow your genuine-self.

Pleasing personality: If you are an entrepreneur, you are here to solve problems and not sale your product. Sales people are pleasing personalities, you are not. Don’t please people because they will give your business. Show potential success with your product by solving problems and those people will give you their trust.

Don’t be too much generic or diplomatic: It is good to be generic or diplomatic sometimes, but the overdose of this will ruin your genuineness. If you will keep popping up with generic or diplomatic solutions for every problem, others will stop expecting any real solution while discussing with you. Priests, Astrologers and Politicians give you generic solutions and assurance. You are not any one of them.

Stop the nonsense of “Believe Yourself”. Start doing

Are you one of those persons, who believes that shouting on the hilltop will give you energy to solve problems; or may be doing a bungee-jumping you will gain confidence? Do you wake up from bed and tell yourself that “I can do it”. Let me tell you (honestly) that you could be the winner of the most uncool person on earth. If I believe in myself, I don’t have to tell it to myself every day and neither jumping out a cliff will help me boost this. As I mentioned above, start doing before you start believing that you can do it. None of the successful entrepreneurs were exactly sure what’s going to happen and they still took the step. I hope you understand what I am trying to refer.