Anonymous Contribution

Facebook’s Boost Post feature guarantees significant number of views and likes (not comments) from a more relevant demographic existence in its own platform. Which is great!! Why would not I or anyone will invest few dollars to get some good impressions on their posts to increase visibility of their website, product or services.

Fair deal? Yes, sounds like a fair deal. Because you pay Facebook (the most evolved, algorithmically strong, secure and top most social media platform of the world) and Facebook advertises your content in few bucks to thousands & millions of its users. I recently invested only 22 USD on Facebook to increase visibility to one of the posts in order to increase visibility and bring some good traffic to my website, which any website owner will wish for.

The post was about Investment and Stocks, where I chose Investment, Stocks, Stock Trading & Trading as some key words to select my demographic audience. To be noted here – Facebook uses its own algorithms to do profiling of its users to distribute advertisement based content. Which means – if my interest areas in Facebook are related to these above keywords or my Facebook behavioral history is more relevant these keywords, then I might get this advertisement on my Facebook Feed. I believe Facebook must be using this kind of algorithm to distribute or advertise promotional content. If there are more complex algorithms, I will be glad to hear them.

Now, coming to the results of Boosting my Investment and Stocks related post through Facebook Boost Feature – I got +2100 Likes, +420 clicks on my post. For a 22 USD investment, this is a huge and terric result which is quite unexpected as well. I received +420 clicks on my Facebook post and here is a catastrophic truth behind this:

First, The post does not even show in top clicked articles in Google Analytics, in fact those posts which I only promoted within groups and my own Facebook feed got more visibility than this post.

Second, I am sharing profile pictures of some of these likers of my Facebook post. I will leave the readers to judge if these pictures belong to accounts of people who are interested in stocks, trading and investment. [Took some time create this collage of pictures of some of the random likers of the boosted post]

Do you really believe these people have interests in Stock, Investment and Trading?

Note: As they have liked the post, so I am taking it as a consent from them to post their public profile pics to provide accurate information to my readers in order to make a clear judgement.

Finally, this is how I feel. Facebook can tell me which feelings is this.

Concluding Remarks:

Looking at the random likers I got through Facebook Boost Post feature, I can make the following statements:

  • Most of these accounts which liked the post could be fake; infact most of these accounts claimed to have work experience with Facebook (HaHa … Laughter), or
  • The owners of these accounts are not aware that they liked the post, or
  • Facebook’s target audience algorithm is written by a group of people who are unknown to member profiling.

I may not again plan to use Facebook’s Boost Post feature as it does not yield expected outcomes.

Featured Image Credit: AlpineWebMedia