Looking at the current employment process and plight of the qualified, yet unemployed professionals, there is a need to generate clean alternate income. The best alternative is to become an entrepreneur.

Business Asia, an initiative of ThrillKom InfoWorks has taken this publishing step to reach out to this community of innovators and solution finders. In this book, they have attempted to share some of their experiences during their own journey. This book is meant for entrepreneurs at all stages – aspiring entrepreneur, begginers, experienced, professional, serial entrepreneurs, coaches, incubators, mentors, professors, school and college students, and anyone who wants to know some aspects of effective entrepreneurship.

An attempt has been made to represent different aspects of the journey in the form of infographics for easy reading and grasping. It is boring to ready only text, hence, in this book, they have introduced pictographics as a form of message delivery.

Business Asia looks forward to engage with the community and get viral feedback and also engage them to adopt and adapt such learning to their field of expertise and passion. Business Asia is a platform intended to serve distilled commentary from people like you across subject and geographies. This is the first attempt from Business Asia and hence we beckon your participation and active engagement.

Download the full PDF ebook at this link Journey of an Entrepreneur 01

journey of an entrepreneur
Image extract from the PDF eBook

To contact Business Asia, please write at inputs@businessasia.media or send a voice message on WhatsApp, with your message and name, contact and area of interest on +916360617899. Together we plan to build a formidable, collaborative and purposeful platform.

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The above PDF ebook is published with the permission of Business Asia’s Operations Head Mr. Ayaz Zanzeria. The facts, quotes, pictorials and graphic content presented in this book are the property of Business Asia. Chief Magazine will not be credited or held responsible for the book’s content.