Welcome to Chief Magazine. With us today is Elizabeth Dodson, who is the co-founder of HomeZada. HomeZada is a platform which helps home owners in managing all the information during the homeowner cycle including owning a home, selling or buying a new home. As a cofounder, Elizabeth looks after business development, partner management, marketing, sales process and strategies, partner program development, partner qualification and budget management.

Elizabeth will be sharing her experiences of HomeZada and how they took it to a successful stage with some good piece of advices for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Chief: What made you start HomeZada and how did the idea come up? What is the current status in terms of achievements, customer acquisition and turnover?

Elizabeth: Like most companies, HomeZada was created out of personal need. As a busy professional and a homeowner, I was struggling with how to manage the details of my home. Details like maintenance schedules, repair projects, budgets for design and remodel projects and the overall finances that I need to manage my house to keep it operating properly. Not to mention, I want to keep my house looking fantastic because a well-maintained house is worth more.

HomeZada is an all in one suite of apps to manage the home that can be used on any device. HomeZada has customers in every US state and in 20 countries outside the US. Partner companies also use the HomeZada platform to create customer engagement and extend the partner brand by gifting or introducing HomeZada to their customers.

Chief: You have been looking after business development, channel development and marketing with HomeZada and also in your previous career engagements. What inspires you to stick to business development?

Elizabeth: I find that creating value for companies and their customers is rewarding. Business development is a problem-solving exercise that helps all companies find value and that value must extend to the end user. Each partner company that I work with at HomeZada has a unique situation and business structure that I can help find ways for HomeZada to benefit that specific organization.

Business development also gives me the opportunity to extend my knowledge about different industries. For instance, HomeZada works with insurance, financial, real estate, construction, retail, and many other industries that provide value to the homeowner. Each of the organizations in these industries provides a unique value that I can bring together to help homeowners in one place. To me this is challenging and yet rewarding.

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Chief: How did you build up an entrepreneurial spirit? Did you inherit the trait from family or it started with you?

Elizabeth: I found the entrepreneurial spirit by watching others around me who had their own businesses. I found this very intriguing and learned the nuances of running a business. I then had the opportunity to work for a technology startup and that experience was exhilarating. I started out contributing in a variety roles to help this company grow which contributed to my knowledge of building a company. Every day at this startup there was a new problem to solve and a new opportunity for growth that was exciting for me.

Finally, an opportunity presented itself to become my own entrepreneur and I took it. I needed HomeZada to solve my needs, but I also realized that almost every homeowner  was also struggling with managing their home. It did not take long for me to realize that solving my problem could help millions of others and I could help build a company around that mission.

Chief: How often do you face problem explaining customers on how to use the platform? What are the problems you want to solve related to customer handholding?

Elizabeth: Great question. Often times, there is one event or trigger that drives a customer to use HomeZada. That event or trigger could be I saw my neighbor’s house burn down and the difficulty recalling what they owned, so I am going to take a home inventory because I do not want that to happen to me. Or it might be that I am a new homeowner and I do not know where to start. Help me manage my home maintenance and projects.

These specific events are the reasons our customers choose to use HomeZada initially. Then we help explain  the details around how to manage the home in its entirety and the benefits that result from complete home management.

When it comes to our customers, we want to give them as many tools as possible to help them understand the value of home management and how HomeZada can help them. Sometimes this is in the form of tutorial videos. Some customers prefer a step by step written blog post on how to use the specific feature in HomeZada. Others look for live chat to get their questions answers. We realize that our users are different genders, all age group and in different regions. And with that, they each are looking for information in a different format.

Chief: Struggle follows an Entrepreneur throughout the life. But the initial days of acquiring customers, explaining your idea to customers and investors is almost like hell. How do you keep moving on in spite all of these?

Elizabeth: This question makes me laugh and cry at the same time. It is true that is hard to grow a company. It is hard to establish a new market category. For me, I love solving problems and all of these conversations are more problems to solve. It is sometimes that same problem over and over again. But I know that HomeZada provides value because my customers tell me. My faith, desire and passion for HomeZada’s long term vision is greater than my desire to give up.

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