Venture Design is a process or a framework which helps a leader to build a compelling business strategy, to ensure that your business evolves and adapts to change. A creative leader has to go through the process of capturing ideas, organizing the efforts and collaborating creatively to ensure survival & growth. Venture Design process addresses all elements of any business and injects creativity into customer discovery, building prototypes, marketing or promoting your product and refining the value proposition.

Today, we have curated 10 top resources in Venture Design which will help you to design your enterprise. We will start with Alexander Cowan, because his website shows on top of the Google search 🙂 .

  1. Alexander Cowan’s Venture Design : Alexandar Cowan is an entrepreneur, founded companies to provide IT solutions, services and build enterprise softwares. He is currently teaching at University of Virginia Darden School of Business and also runs an online course Software Design, Development and Applied in Coursera. His courses and website materials include a complete brief of Venture Design framework and the Coursera chapter does include a complete lesson on Venture Design.
  2. New Venture Design by IIT Institute of Design : A course offered by IIT Institue of Design where students can learn how to launch experiments in market to understand customer and able to test new business ideas through a creative process of explore, learn, build and learn.
  3. Venture Design: Start Your Business : A class for students and entrepreneurs designed by General Assembly, which is a pioneer of business and career transformation. The class will help you to build compelling business strategies to survive and grow as an enterprise.
  4. Think Venture Design: If you do not wish to pursue a course now and want to have an overall idea, then read this blog post from Auke Ferwerda where he focuses on how this process exists within the business ecosystem and helps many to drive their business.
  5. Social Venture Design: A small course on social enterpreneurship, jointly created by Acara and Indian Institute of Human Settlements (IIHS). The course helps you to design your social entrepreneurship ideas and pitch to a panel of investors and representatives of top incubators for possible funding or incubation support.
  6. Venture Design Program: A program offered by one of the pioneer design studios BeforeTheWave. The program is intended for aspiring entreprneurs and aims to help them build a unique product or service, with appealing benefits for the consumers, with go-to-market strategies and future-proof business models.
  7. Venture Design by Anne Marie Knott: This is a step-by-step guide for entrepreneurs to navigate through various decision making process and build a compelling business plan. The book focuses on leveraging personal traits to become a successful entrepreneur and also captures past history of venture ideas to help aspiring entrepreneurs discover and develop their own business ideas.
  8. David Galbraith : A brief post by head of Anthemis Foundry, David Galbraith, who is an architect and designer. In this resource he explains how his experiences as being an architect helps him to work with build to refine their ideas. His post focuses that every idea is not developed from scratch, but created by going over the pattern of current ideas or business models and identifying the gaps. You can also read his Medium post on Venture Design which will give you more insights.
  9. IDEO Futures Episode on Venture Design : IDEO, one of the pioneer firms in design, which created Appl’es first mouse – runs podcasts on Venture Design. Throughout these years, IDEO focused on creating new designs and now slowly trying to work on real world problems to build solutions collaborating with the government. You can also read the Medium post of John Collery on Venture Design. John is the Business Design Lead at IDEOorg.
  10. Venture Design Space (VDS): VDS helps you to design and collaborate on your new business ideas or concepts. It is short tutorial which gives you a brief idea on how the tool can be used to layout business models, work on value propositions, doing customer discovery and finding channels for effective communication.

Bonus mention: Managing Director of Matter, Corey Ford (a startup accelerator) which helps media entrepreneurs in building an empowered society. Check out his Vimeo post on explaining the Elements of Venture Design.

Quick Suggestion from Chief Magazine:

Follow only one of these resources to design your business. We want our readers and entrepreneur to converge their focus to one resources which they find best for their enterprise.