Stock charts are hitting record figures every day and unemployment rate has hit the low in last 17 years. As a skilled employee, you got the flexibility to choose the best company or workplace to make your career. But the interesting question is, who the best employers around you are. has released an infographic mapping the market capitalization of some of the major companies around the planet, who are also top employee retainers and also invest good chunk of money for employee benefits.

Here is the infographic which shows the greatest employers around the planet.

Companies like Alphabet (the parent company of Google), Nestle and Unilever are the top 3 companies with higher market capitalization and employees around the globe. While there are companies like ITC Ltd in India, Hon Hai Precision of China, CNOOC in Hong Kong, Petronas in Malaysia and CSL in Australia who have made to this list as greatest employers. Below is the list of 10 companies in descending order.

1. Alphabet (Computer Services, United States)- $579.5B and 72,053 employees

2. Nestle (Food Processing, Switzerland) – $229.5B and 328,000 employees

3. Unilever (Household/Personal Care, Netherlands) – $143.9B and 169,000 employees

4. Daimler (Auto & Truck Manufacturers, Germany) – $76.1B and 282,488 employees

5. CNOOC (Oil & Gas Operations, Hong Kong) – $54.8B and 19,718 employees

6.  Hon Hai Precision (Electronics, Taiwan) – $54.4B and 1,000,000 employees

7. Suncor Energy (Oil & Gas Operations, Canada) – $51.7B and 12,837 employees

8. ITC (Tobacco, India) – $51.6B and 25,564 employees

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9. Enel (Electric Utilities, Italy) – $47.5B and 62,080 employees

10. CSL (Biotechs, Australia) – $43.9B and 16,000 employees

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Featured image inspired from: Oli Lisher’s Dribble Art