Amazon has announced in its press release that it has acquired podcast publisher network Wondery. Here is what Amazon mentioned in their PR:

“We’re pleased to announce that Wondery has signed an agreement to join Amazon Music. Wondery is an innovative podcast publisher with a track record of creating and producing top-rated podcasts that entertain and educate listeners, including “Dirty John,” “Dr. Death,” “Business Wars,” and “The Shrink Next Door.” Wondery is already delighting listeners with its collection of immersive podcasts, and the company is evolving this entertainment medium into a truly new and exciting experience.”

Hernan Lopez, the exiting CEO of Fox International Channels with funding from 20th Century Fox (now 20th Century Studios), launched Wondery in 2016. The network’s stated objective is to curate and build audio shows with an emphasis on smartphone users and audio-on-demand. On distribution infrastructure and cross podcast dynamic ad insertion, the company teamed up with ART19.

Within three years, with 40 million downloads in December 2018 alone, Wondery became a top five podcast publisher.

Amazon further mentioned that “When the deal closes, nothing will change for listeners, and they’ll continue to be able to access Wondery podcasts through a variety of providers. With Amazon Music, Wondery will be able to provide even more high-quality, innovative content and continue their mission of bringing a world of entertainment and knowledge to their audiences, wherever they listen.”

Read the full Press Release here