Upwork has announced the suspension of all business operations in Russia and Belarus, as well as steps to help Ukrainian partners. In addition, the corporation is making direct donations to groups that are assisting Ukrainians.

What is Upwork?

Upwork is a worldwide marketplace that links freelancers all around the world with potential jobs from different individuals and companies. It is the world’s largest online job board, with 3.5 million job postings worth a total of $1 billion USD per year. Upwork has about 10 million freelancers and 4.5 million clients registered. The Upwork platform allows clients to interview, employ, and collaborate with freelancers.

Impact due to Russian invasion

Because Upwork is a worldwide company, the Russian invasion of Ukraine was certain to have an influence on the company’s operations. Upwork’s measures will have an impact on both clients and freelancers across Russia and Belarus and also clients linked with freelancers of Russia and Belarus.

Upwork, on the other hand, is executing its suspension in phases to avoid disrupting recently contracted work and to ensure that clients and freelancers with contracts and work committed to prior to this announcement are not harmed.

Upwork has decided to halt all commercial activities in Russia and Belarus, singling out those nations as a result of their conflict with Ukraine. According to Upwork, the suspension will take full effect on May 1, 2022. This date was set to allow customers and freelancers to submit final invoices and end current contracts by that date.

The suspension’s first phase begins with the cessation of new firm creation in Russia and Belarus. Upwork will therefore ban the establishment of new accounts, create new contracts by clients and freelancers residing in Russia and Belarus, and remove them from the Upwork search engine within a few days.

If Upwork relocates to another country, it has vowed to cooperate with affected clients and freelancers. They also stated that once the geopolitical issues are resolved, they will consider returning to the regions.

The following concrete steps to aid Ukraine have been announced by Upwork:

  • “A $ 1 million donation to Direct Relief International in support of the Ukrainian population.
  • Product enhancements to make it easier for Ukrainian freelancers to preserve the careers they have worked so hard to establish, whether or not they are currently able to work.
  • Programs to make it easier for clients to maintain their existing relationships with and provide financial assistance to talent in Ukraine.
  • A $ 100,000 matching program for donations from our own team members to aid in humanitarian relief in Ukraine. ”

Source: Statement from Upwork on the Invasion of Ukraine and Operations in Russia and Belarus