May 20, 2024

The World’s Fastest Man Usain Bolt has announced his retirement and the whole world is requesting him not to; including his competitors. In his life’s final championship solo race, Usain Bolt has lost to his all-time competitor Justin Gatlin, finishing 3rd with Bronze. Usain Bolt will be considered as an unbeatable champion, after this defeat as well, just because of his graceful personality and dedication towards his passion. But we won’t say the journey is easy for Usain Bolt. He has gone through many ups and downs, including his down-times – but the only thing he did is that he kept coming back.

We have been going through many of his interviews and video footages to figure out how he does that. We extracted these 4 key leadership lessons which he focused mostly and these 4 lessons made him a winner all the time. Whether you are a sprinter or not, these lessons are meant for you if you want yourself to see as a winner in your own life.

Lesson 1: Don’t Overthink

If you want to achieve! If you know what it takes to be a winner – then put your best foot ahead. Don’t overthink as what will happen. Believe us or not, but you know the competition better than anyone. So, don’t put too much thought into it and just go & do what you do best.

Lesson 2: Keep Less Pressure on Yourself

When you are trying to be a winner, try to keep yourself under less pressure – as too much pressure will break your confidence on yourself. As Usain Bolt rightly said, you will something and you will also lose something. So you need to be ready to face whatever it comes. You can’t win all the time. Just go on the field and do your best. Usain Bolt learnt one key lesson from his coach – “You got to learn to lose, before you can learn to win”.

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Lesson 3: The More You Do, the Better You Get

Well, this is a fact and applies to all. The more your do things properly and dedicated manner, the better you get at it. You have to practice a lot and that is the only key lesson which shall make you a winner. You can’t quit practicing. Yes, it will cause you more pain, but the more your practice – your body and mind get accustomed to pain and one day you will be so strong that you won’t even feel the pain.

Lesson 4: Don’t Get Satisfied

You can’t really say that today is your best performance as you don’t really know what much or how much still left in your. Don’t get satisfied with what you achieved, as you inner self knows that you can achieve more. When you are trying to achieve one goal and you finally achieve it, then you see the next milestone. So just keep on moving as there is definitely room for improvement to achieve the next milestone.

Lesson 5: Keep Turning Your Talent

Everybody around you are talented, in some specific way. If you can be a winner because you are talented then that’s not true. The person who will be a winner is who works on their talent day and night. They keep tuning their light and keep training themselves to go upto the next level. They keep brushing their skills to perform better than the last one. People will overtake you if you won’t work on your talent. Keep brushing up your skills and add on new skills.

We hope you will follow these leadership lessons to improve your skills, practice properly to ensure that your next pitch or pitch is better than the previous one. Don’t forget to share your comments and feedback on the comment section. We are always glad to listen to your views.

Photo Credit: Usain Bolt Facebook Page

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