July 18, 2024
machine learning

Each year, a slew of machine learning startups and organizations from a variety of industries emerge, capitalizing on the increased focus on the digital economy and AI’s potential. They provide creative solutions to make business operations more fluid and efficient, allowing them to respond more quickly to drastic shifts in demand and client expectations. Today we are listing down 15 such machine learning startups which have developed some of the really amazing solutions for critical business challenges.

Reekon is an AI firm that offers a solution for e-commerce platforms’ consumer enquiries and e-tickers. It looks at previous client enquiries and historical data to find the best solution for new issues. Furthermore, it classifies and allocates customer inquiries to the most appropriate and available staff to handle them appropriately. Finally, it automates consumer requests such as refunds, order management, and claim registration. It interfaces with numerous customer service platforms, including WooCommerce and FreshDesk, to reach a wider audience.

Delta AI

One of the most sought-after artificial intelligence firms, Delta AI, has created a solution to analyze videos and how to videos can reveal consumer behavior. It employs cutting-edge computer vision technology to comprehend how a product is used in a natural setting. Companies might take a new approach to understanding future clients based on how they use their products on a regular basis as a result of this.


Brisk is a UK-based firm that was formed in late 2018. The startup began by developing artificial intelligence (AI) technologies that can give comprehensive risk evaluations for enterprises. Machine learning may be used to identify a company’s financial history, credit scores, and risk level. Brokers, small and medium-sized businesses, and accountancy firms are the program’s target market. The company’s ultimate purpose is to assist small businesses with financial management by providing fast access to critical data that might influence business choices. Clients can use the in-depth risk analysis to predict potential dangers to specific decisions before they are implemented. Their funding exceeded $300,000, making them one of the most successful startups in recent years.


In 2013, the Dataiku data science software platform in the United States launched Dataiku DSS (Data Science Studio) to investigate AI’s benefits. By utilizing machine learning, the firm can aid organizations in making data-driven decisions. This software development is for data analysts and data scientists who want to use machine learning to automate specific operations. The startup has raised approximately $100 million since the debut of Dataiku DSS.


Eightfold AI is a Mountain View, California-based firm that was launched in 2016. The goal of this gathering of AI enthusiasts is to create a platform that can manage the full talent lifecycle. They created an AI software in order to stay true to their goal of providing “the right career for everyone in the world.” It can assist firms in identifying top performers, upskilling and reskilling their staff, efficiently recruiting top personnel, and achieving diversity goals. Overall, the organization’s main goal is to assist businesses in developing top talent in order to obtain a competitive advantage.


Almost all students are taking online lessons as a result of the pandemic. While this appears to be a good thing, it causes some issues for kids. Individualized learning appears to be out of the question because they do not receive one-on-one coaching and supervision from their teachers.

Overwrite created an adaptive learning environment for students to address this issue. By personalizing remote learning, this artificial intelligence startup idea is redefining it. They accomplish this by assigning a learning path to the student based on an assessment of their needs, behaviors, and traits. This is beneficial to kids, whether they are struggling or not, because it can assist them in learning more effectively. Students can still make the most of their time and talents even if they don’t get to meet the teachers in person.


8topuz is perfect for retail investors and individual traders, as it promotes convenient ForEx trading powered by artificial intelligence. Machine learning, which has been applied by various organizations in the banking, finance, and fintech industries, is automated by the platform. The program’s primary goal is to provide an automated trading solution while lowering the hazards of engaging in high-risk trading.


BigML, which was founded in 2011, intends to use machine learning to make your life smoother. The organization provides access to a wide range of machine learning tools from around the world. Their job is to deliver automated machine learning as a service and complete complex data-driven tasks. This platform allows different firms to share and perform challenging machine learning jobs.


Algorithmia’s offers enterprise-grade security and governance through Machine learning operations (MLOps) and help their customers to deliver ML models. Algorithmia automates machine learning deployment, provides tooling flexibility, allows operations and development to collaborate, and utilizes existing SDLC and CI/CD methods. To date, Algorithmia’s platform has been used by over 110,000 engineers and data scientists, including the United Nations, government intelligence organizations, and Fortune 500 firms.


ClosedLoop.ai, an Austin, Texas-based firm, has developed one of the first data science systems for the healthcare industry, streamlining patient experiences while increasing healthcare providers’ profitability. Its Machine Learning platform, which includes a portfolio of pre-built predictive and prescriptive models, can be adapted and expanded to meet the specific demands of a medical provider’s population or client base. Forecasting admissions, predicting total utilization & total risk, minimizing out-of-network use, eliminating no-shows for appointments, predicting beginning of chronic disease or advancement, and increasing medical records and reimbursement are just a few of its core features. The Harvard Business School, through its Kraft Precision Medicine Accelerator, recently named ClosedLoop.ai as one of the fastest accelerating companies in it’s Real World Data Analytics Landscapes Report.


Databand is a Tel Aviv-based firm that provides an innovative platform for agile machine learning development. Evgeny Shulman, Joshua Benamram, and Victor Shafran started the company in 2018. Data engineering teams are in charge of a diverse set of strong tools, but often lack the tools they need to guarantee that their operations are working smoothly. Databand bridges this gap by providing a solution that allows teams to get a holistic view of their data flows, ensure pipelines are complete, and track resource use and expenses.


It’s worth noting DataVisor’s strategy to utilize AI to improve  accuracy in fraud detection on a platform level. DataVisor uses patented unsupervised machine learning algorithms to detect and respond to rapidly evolving fraud patterns, preventing future assaults before they occur. DataVisor defends against reputational and financial damages across a variety of businesses, including financial services, marketplaces, e-commerce, and social platforms, by combining powerful analytics and insights with an intelligence network of more than 4.2 billion global user accounts. They’re one of today’s most intriguing AI-powered cybersecurity businesses.


SECURITI.ai is a machine learning and artificial intelligence firm to watch out for in 2021, especially if you’re interested in cybersecurity and data privacy practices. SECURITI.ai is one of the fastest growing and innovative cybersecurity startups, merging AI and machine learning to secure sensitive financial and consumer data in cloud environments.


Uniphore is known for its expertise in Conversational Service Automation (CSA), a solution that blends the power of artificial intelligence, automation, and machine learning to enhance customer service. Speech Analytics, Virtual Assistant, and Voice Biometrics are all part of its AI-based platform, which is gaining traction in enterprise customers.


Apheris, a platform for intercompany data science transactions and cooperation, was created in 2019. The software allows for the secure analysis of dispersed data from various sources while maintaining the confidentiality of proprietary information. Apheris raised 2.5 million Euros (roughly $2.98 million) in seed finance in August 2020.

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