May 20, 2024

If you are a student or a thorough professional, then I believe you might have come across the name John Baldoni, an internationally recognized executive coach and educator who has authored more than a dozen leadership books like Moxie, Lead With Purpose, Lead Your Boss and Lead By Example. Following John Baldoni and his works online, I have come to know that his advice are quite practical and can be put into effect immediately. In this post, we have gathered around 10 top Leadership Quotes of John Baldwin which will certainly teach you to become a successful leader.

“Leadership is an active, living process. It is rooted in character, forged by experience, and communicated by example.”


“Three things a leader or manager should be thinking: What’s happening? What’s not happening? and What can I do to influence the outcome?”

“Leadership embraces activism; it is the outcome of a purposeful pursuit of goals.”

“Leadership is the behavior each of us exerts when we take responsibility for our actions and their consequences.”

“A leader’s job is to bring people together for a common purpose, so credibility is critical. That will only come when people trust their leader and want to follow his or her lead.”

“Lead from the front. Go to where you can do the most good.”

“Good leaders are focused, directive, and inspiring… in other words, purposeful.”

“Give a reason for people to believe in what you stand for.”

“Solution = Conflict + Collaboration”


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