June 25, 2024

Now-a-days Videos are that for Marketing, like an Arrow to a Bow.

With the growth of digital landscape, the video marketing has gone through pivotal changes, starting from television commercials to now streaming on popular digital platforms like YouTube, Snapchat, Vimeo and Facebook Live. Being effective and efficient to communicate the brand message, video marketing proves to be most attractive, versatile and share friendly content strategy to reach to your target audiences.

82% of b2b marketers reported success with video marketing initiatives

Why Video Marketing?

“Sell where the customer is” a basic principle of selling our products and services by identifying our core audiences. Below are some of the fast facts on the prevalence of online video streaming platforms around the world, to help savvy marketers to understand the importance of video marketing.

  • “6 out of 10 people prefer online video platforms compared to live TV.” Google
  • Your business can be easily globalized through video marketing as to the fact that 60% of the YouTube videos created by US YouTubers is being watched in other countries.” Google
  • “91% marketers believe video content is an important part of their marketing strategy.” HubSpot CRM
  • “By 2022, online videos will contribute to 82% of all consumer internet traffic.” Cisco
  • “More than 50% of internet consumers want to watch videos from brands.” HubSpot Research

4 Recommended Platforms for Online Video Marketing

  • YouTube: Huge user base (almost 2 billion logged-in monthly users); highly engaging platform with creative content where 500 hours of videos are getting uploaded every minute; an user spends on an average time of 11 minutes 24 seconds per day on YouTube; and highly accurate recommendation engine which increases engagement and promotion of your ads and contents. If your brand has good video content, publish and advertise your videos through YouTube to achieve optimal visibility.
  • Vimeo: After YouTube, the second most recommended platform for hosting your videos is Vimeo, which has close to 170 million viewers per month and more than 90 million users with more than 715 million views per month. In North-America, Vimeo is quite popular as above 20% of B2B marketers have adopted Vimeo for the video marketing strategies.
  • Instagram: 1 billion people use Instagram every month, with more than 500 million people use Instagram stories every day. With a balanced gender mix of 52% female and 48% male, Instagram has been the most popular platform across youth of age ranging between 18 to 29. As a business how Instagram can be beneficial to you is when you get to know that 200 million users visit at-least one business profile daily.
  • Facebook: Being the world’s third most visited website and with a huge user base of 2.41 billion users, Facebook provides an enormous platforms to marketers to do video marketing where more than 74% of users log in daily with an average daily time spent on Facebook is close to 38 minutes.
  • LinkedIn: Over the last few years, LinkedIn has transformed from an online professional resume to become a platform to discover industry specific content, where video marketing plays a critical role. The audience in LinkedIn is very niche and if you want to promote your services or products, you already have the power to filter your audience and reach to them effectively. LinkedIn advertising solutions provide you the effective options to ensure your videos are reaching to the appropriate audience.

Leverage the power of videos with these Video Marketing Tools

Video Marketing is a broad segment which covers video creation, planning, editing, hosting, sharing and distribution. In this post, we are focusing on video content creation tools, where you can create videos easily with predefined templates with less to zero video editing knowledge.

  • Filmora: If you are a startup or a growing business, you should give Filmora a try as it comes with a business plan which helps you create and publish videos for commercial purposes. Loaded with high octane features like 4k Resolution editing support, audio equalizers, video stabilization, layer multiple video clips, etc.
  • Magisto, powered by advanced AI algorithms, is a fully automated video marketing tool which handles video creation, distribution and analytics. Not only it serves as a best video editing tool which not only makes use of videos and photos, it also allows adding music, setting mood of the videos and also filters for more enhanced look.
  • Animoto is a perfect video marketing tool to create videos with wide variety of customizations available where you can mix video clips & photos, use predefined themes, music, custom texts, filters offered by the tool. Animoto allows users to edit the timing and sound effects in the video, with options to add texts and voice-overs too.
  • Wistia provides an end-to-end video marketing experience where you as a business can create, present and grow as a content marketer. Wistia offers wide number of tools which allows you to create videos, host them, collaborate with team members and manage your video contents. On top of that Wistia provides advanced analytics for all of your content with in-built video SEO.
  • Biteable is a straight forward video editing platform which has an in-built archive of more than 85,000 video clips and animations for the users to create videos. Users have the freedom to create videos from scratch or using the templates. Biteable allows create product launch videos, intro commercials, product teasers and explanatory videos for commercial purposes.


Marketing is not anymore about banners and fliers in this digital age. If you want to reach to your audience effectively and connect better way, great content is the way. Videos are the best way to tell your brand story and introduce your products and services. If you can leverage these video marketing platforms and tools, you can create great content and advertise your brand efficiently to your targeted audience. If you have not adopted the video marketing strategy yet, you could be missing out major opportunities for your business.