May 20, 2024

Healthcare tech ecosystem in the Asia Pacific region is growing exponentially, with innovative startups and enterprises emerging and expanding their services through digital technology, in key areas such as medical devices, telemedicine, genomics and ophthalmology. Japan and China are front-runners among the hosting countries with multibillion healthcare companies, while Australia, South Korea and India also contribute significantly in healthcare sector. We have brought you the top 10 list of healthcare startups across Asia Pacific.

Remidio Innovative Solutions
Located in Bengaluru, emerging Silicon Valley of India, Remidio Innovative Solutions produces devices for ophthalmologists. Based on Artificial Intelligence technology, Remidio has developed a solution which will detect diabetic retinopathy. Due to the accurate diagnosis of the diseases, Remidio has received orders from London based acclaimed Moorfield Eye Hospital for the diagnosing medical devices.

Singapore’s X-ZELL uses next-generation cell detection technologies paired with AI to identify cancerous cells. The startup is the recipient of the Medtech Innovator Asia Pacific 2020 Acceleration competition as a healthcare startup, earning $150k to fulfill their goal to save lives by detecting cancer early.

Ubie is a Tokyo based health-tech startup, which has developed solutions based on artificial intelligence that are accessible in SaaS model for hospitals and clinics. Ubie’s unique Symptom checker solution is gaining popularity among people and it had acquired 18.7 Mn USD funding in its last Series B round.

Naluri Life
Founded by the former CEO of Malaysia Air Asia X, Azran Osman Rani, Naluri Life has become one of the front-runners among the other healthcare startups in the the Malaysian digital healthcare ecosystem. Naluri aims at corporates who want to improve their employee lifestyle by addressing their chronic health conditions. In 2020, Naluri has been selected to be a part of  MedTech Innovator Asia Pacific Accelerator.

FRONTEO Healthcare
FRONTEO Healthcare is based on artificial intelligent based technology which captures information from user’s healthcare information and predicts future behavior. We can say this technology recommends the best and personalized healthcare services to people based on their lifestyle, symptoms and current healthcare information.

Claritas Health
Singapore based healthcare technology startup Claritas HealthTech has been working on the production and sale of medical devices, including software tools related to image enhancement and its own artificial intelligence tools. Claritas has received Class A Medical Device registration in late 2020.

Hacarus developed artificial intelligence algorithms, which are tailored to serve for medical studies, analyzing medical treatment and make drug research more effective. Hacarus works on different healthcare data such as basic health parameters of people such as blood pressure, sugar, heart rate, lifestyle & activities, and also CT brain scan images. In April 2020, this Kyoto based healthcare startup announced that it secured Series B funding from Osaka Gas (TSE:9532), DS Pharma Animal Health, and Kyogin Lease & Capital.

Started in India, Doceree is a digital healthcare platform which connects pharma brands to clinicians and healthcare professionals & institutions. Founded in 2019, Doceree has developed developed tools and platforms which serve towards electronic health records, e-prescription and telehealth.

Born in South Korea, Ewoosoft focuses in dentistry, where it has developed innovative software and diagnosis tools dental treatment. Their main product which is a dental analysis software, OrthoVision is currently used across the world by more than 10k users. They have also developed many other dental applications such as EzDent-i and Ez3D-i.

Based in Bengaluru, India, Autoyos aims to bridge the gap between care seekers and care providers in the eye care industry. Autoyos is helping to address the main issue in India, where patients do not get treatment due to lack of medical specialists. Using their artificial intelligence, machine learning, autonomous medical systems and telemedicine, Autoyos helps to improve the provision of eye care throughout the country. This healthcare startup has received several awards and was also selected to be the part of the 2020 MedTech Innovator Asia Pacific Accelerator.

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